Slightly cheating

Published on 22. Mar, 2012 by in Family, Friends, Onside Analysis


So I promised to write 52 blogs this year. And so far I’ve been more or less keeping it up. But interest must surely be waning in anything I have to say, and to be honest as I begin to write my post each week, I rarely have any idea what I am going to say. So this week I am going to keep it brief. Succinct. To the Point….ok, ok, enough already.

Jacob Stratford and Millie sharing the love.

Today instead of writing more words about nothing in particular I am going to simply put up a picture from last week, when we had a house full of friends over for Friday night. It was lovely to catch up with everyone, with a special visit from our friends Mike and Rach who were over from the US. Getting together as a big group is something that we get to do far too rarely. Sadly, the night ended somewhat prematurely with Millie succumbing to the sickness bug, requiring a major clean up operation, but not before lots of fun had been had by all.

And in addition to this limited offering, if you really are suffering withdrawal symptoms, you can find a lengthy post about sports analytics that I wrote for the Onside Analysis blog. Please have a read and feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested.

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